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CNC Vertical Machining Center

        It has compact structure, small floor area, strong rigidity of frame, fast moving speed and high processing efficiency. Strict structural design, fine processing and manufacturing, to ensure a very high cost-effective product.
        The standard large torque belt drive spindle and high speed direct drive spindle can meet the processing requirements of parts and dies Market respectively. It can be used by one machine or by several assembly lines. High-speed positioning, mechatronics, automatic chip removal, safety protection and easy operation.
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Technical Parameters

Machine parameter LW550NC
Working desk size 2300×550mm
T-slot 18×5×80
Maximum load 1600kg
Three-axis maximum stroke 1600×900×800mm
Maximum distance from the center of the horizontal axis to the table top 45-920mm
Maximum distance from the center of the spindle to the table -50-750mm
Spindle center to column guard distance 640mm
Spindle taper NT50
Horizontal spindle NT50
Spindle speed 38-1250 (18 segments) r/min
Three-axis guide Hard track
Three-axis moving distance 30-6000mm/min
Spindle motor 9KW
XYZ motor 2.0-4.7kw
Cooling water pump 0.25kw
Floor area 5100×3500×3000mm
Machine package size 2600×3500×3000mm
Net weight 7500kg
Gross weight 8000kg

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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